Use by browser, software can be directly used safely, and does not require an internet connection.


With Linux operating system on a server and make this software to operate effectively and efficiently.


Packed with an elegant design that makes it easy and very practical use for doing all the work in each respective account.


Although computers are made for charging a data contaminated, this will not affect the performance of the server and database.


Storage of patient data that is infinite (unlimited) on the software's medical record.


This software comes with automatic backup system every day.


Server software's medical records have the resilience to reach 10 to 20 years or more with treatment (maintenance) of both.


DentIC (Dental Information Center) is a medical record software created specifically for dentists in helping the patient data collection based websites (offline). Some of the features of, among others Scheduling Visits Patient, Medical Record, manage insurance, Cooperation with Other Companies, Management Clinic practical, and much more.

DentIC can also be used as an engine management joint clinic or private clinic that aims to provide the management of each doctor. With easy operation and practical use of this software is not confusing and there is no excessive menu. We believe with complete solutions regarding the management of dental clinics that provided by Software DentIC more flexible and adjust to the working of Dentists today.

  • Patient Database
  • Queueing System
  • Patient Medical Record System
  • Patient Medical Record Data
  • <
  • Doctor Financial Statement
  • Profit Sharing Report
  • Patient Payment System
  • Financial Report
  • Accounts Receivable Statement / Outsourching
  • Administration System
  • Pay Roll
  • DentIC Software Video

DentIC Packages

All prices below are include training for 4 days for Jabodetabek area. Outside the Greater Jakarta area will incur the cost of accommodation and transportation.

  • Standard 2017
  • $ 2.000
  • DentIC Software
  • 1 Unit PC Server
  • 500Gb Disk
  • 1 Unit Wireless Broadband
  • 1 Unit UPS
  • Ultimate 2017
  • $ 5.000
  • DentIC Software
  • 1 Unit PC Server
  • 1Tb Disk
  • 1 Unit Wireless Broadband
  • 1 Unit UPS


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